Idiotic dog owners: THIS IS NOT OKAY

Twice on this evening’s walk we had obviously reactive / aggressive dogs tearing up to my dog, completely out of their owner’s control.

This is so dangerous, and I am baffled as to why both owners thought it was okay – with one claiming their dog was “being friendly”, and the other saying “it’s okay” and then (when we said it wasn’t) “I’ve lived here all my life!”

Here is a video of the Labrador sprinting at Kasper. You can see, once I realise what’s happened, that I try and body block the dog and “ah ah” when it moves towards my dog. All the owner has to say is that his dog is being “friendly” and that we’re being “rude”.

Firstly, it is NEVER okay to allow your dog to sprint up to a dog that is on lead. You should always check with the other dog’s owner first. That dog could be on lead for so many reasons, such as:

  • it could be aggressive
  • it could be reactive
  • it could be sick
  • it could be injured
  • it could be elderly
  • it could be blind
  • it could be fearful or new to the household

It is extremely rude to allow your dog to sprint up to other dogs

Secondly, this is exactly how FOUR bones were broken in my smallest dog’s leg, and why she is now a three legged dog!!!!


Toller (pictured above, missing her front left leg) was sniffing a field off lead, staying nearby, when a Labrador sprinted across from the other side of the field and ran into her. None of us saw it coming. She immediately began screaming, we discovered she’d broken four bones, she had to suffer through 13 weeks crate rest and then have an amputation at the end of it.

The fact that idiots believe it is okay to let their dogs behave like this truly disgusts me, and I only wish there was a better way (or, really, any way) to report them.

I try and film every off lead dog approaching now, after what happened to Toller. I didn’t catchy the other incident as they were on a quiet road, and I (stupidly) assumed the other dog was on a lead.


7 thoughts on “Idiotic dog owners: THIS IS NOT OKAY

  1. I swear before even clicking on the full post I thought “Bet it was a Lab” and shit me – it was a Lab.

    They are getting bad reps because of crap owners like this but you know what I’d do and have done a few times? Grab the dog by its collar and just hold it there in one spot until they come over and put it on a lead or otherwise stop it bugging you.

    Just grab it and keep it still so it can’t jump and bounce and annoy. If the owners dare say a word to you – tell them they’re on notice and if it happens again you’ll just kick it clean up the arse and then report it.


    • Ugh tell me about it. When people ask me what breed I like least, I now say Labs – purely because of owners like this. I’ve had a Lab break four of my dog’s bones, I’ve had a Lab TERRIFY my reactive dog (and she was a bull breed, so y’know if she’d bitten in defense that would’ve been on her, because prejudice -_-), and there’s been so many instances like the one a few days ago. I do often grab dog’s collars, with my reactive girl I even grabbed the dog’s skin around it’s neck until I could wrap my arms in front of it’s body (very fat dog haha, no malice just very ‘in your face jump all over dogs’. It’d been following us TWENTY MINUTES with no owner in sight, I could hear them yelling for it and was yelling back at them, but it’s behaviour was breaking my dog, so I needed to do something and I was 99% sure it wouldn’t care if I grabbed it). I do usually grab collars, I think I was just sooo unprepared for this one…you hear me at the beginning commenting on a seagull feather HAHAHA so I actually missed the Lab beginning to sprint over, I was also a bit perturbed because the Lab ran over growling with lip lifted (Feels like an idiot XD) .

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      • I’m certain is because crap / first time or novice owners go with Labs because of them being known generally as low maintenance and easy to own. Trouble is they think they’re born trained or rely on the good nature to be enough so just don’t bother ever training them at all.

        I would honestly kick the next Lab right up its arse if I were you and not think twice. Kick it really hard and make sure it doesn’t touch down for a good 20ft

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      • Definitely. Labs are known as basically the best breed of dog, so everybody gets them but nobody bothers training them :/ It’s actually refreshing to find someone other than me and my bf who would readily kick a dog that was harassing or attacking your dog, most people are horrified when we saw we’d do anything to keep our dog safe!! I’ll phone the dog warden tomorrow then (no staff over the weekend here) and report the Lab, and beging reporting every dick head we come across!!


  2. Also you can report things like this to the dog warden or if you know them – the farmer whose land it was on. Dog wardens are very good with this sort of problem though.

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    • I’ve only ever had pretty crummy experiences with dog wardens :/ Although mostly this was when we lived in a different county (they just kept saying repeatedly if we didn’t have an ID or address for the person, they couldn’t do anything, and to stop contacting them). The one here we’ve only called once, when a builder had an off lead JRT which ran up to and attacked our dog – the dog warden was brilliant then. Do you think I should be reporting every encounter like this, so they can at least file reports on the system?


      • If you were on a public footpath / farmland or field they will definitely fight your corner yeah. Might not have been that way before but at least here in the UK they really don’t take kindly to dog owners that let theirs run loose and annoy / poo all over and will jump on them if they know who it is and can catch them.

        Just ring and have a chat but the fact you’re being harassed and worried about walking your own dog in a public area will be enough to make them want to help.

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